How does Ouda W Dar process payments?


Ouda W Dar’s payment system is designed to make transferring money between guests and hosts as simple and reliable as possible. Here’s how it works:

  1. Guests pay Ouda W Dar when they book a place
  2. Ouda W Dar releases the money to hosts 24 hours after the guest checks in

Using Ouda W Dar’s payment system is required to make a reservation, and it helps ensure that both parties are protected under our Terms of Service, cancellation policies, Guest Refund Policy, and other safeguards.

Paying outside the Ouda W Dar system is not secure, and we cannot provide access to these benefits when reservations aren’t booked directly through Ouda W Dar.
To help cover the costs of running these services, Ouda W Dar automatically includes service fees in each transaction.


Credit card details

We do not store your credit card details. If you choose to pay for the Service using a Credit Card, your credit card details are not stored by us and cannot be used by our staff. 
Your credit card details are encrypted and processed by our payment gateway with Bank Of Beirut.


Pay Offiline with BoB Finance

Ouda W Dar is now offering you the option to book ONLINE & pay OFFLINE at your convenience without any use of credit card via BoB Finance s.a.l - Bank of Beirut Group, a global leader in money transfer services and Western Union agent in Lebanon.

With this strategic alliance, you can now conveniently pay for your bookings on Ouda W Dar at any of the 800 BoB Finance locations in Lebanon.

BoB Finance locations are spread all over Lebanese territories with more than 800 active locations. In order to find the nearest location please visit Find a location or call 1262 customer service numbers.

Booking reference and phone number must be provided to BoB Finance