Earn money as an Ouda w Dar host

Listing on Ouda W Dar makes it easy to earn rental income, every listing comes with everything you need to start renting your property and earning income, including room for 24 high-resolution photos, interactive map, and reservation calendar. So once you sign up, you can start to build your listing...and get bookings!


List Your Space

We encourage you to share all kinds of spaces on Ouda W Dar! Whether you’re offering a seaside villa or an air mattress in the corner of your living room, it’s free to list your space. When you’re ready to start welcoming guests, you can publish your listing for the world to see.


Description and amenities

Guests often search for spaces that meet specific needs, so accurately describing your listing and the amenities you offer will help attract the kinds of guests that are best for you. When telling the story of your space, answer important questions like whether or not you have Wifi, and include helpful details about the character, activities, and transportation options in the surrounding area.



Photographs help guests picture themselves in your space. Go ahead and upload up to 24 images, and make sure your photos are well lit, in focus, and representative of the actual space your guests have access to.


Pricing and availability

You know your space and your schedule best, so we let you decide the price and we ask you to update your calendar to reflect when it’s available to rent. We also allow you to set custom prices for individual nights and weekends, special events, and monthly stays. We display your listing at the price you set and when you indicate that your space is unavailable, we make sure not to show it in search results.


Manage your calendar

Edit your calendar settings to control when and for how long guests can book your space.


Coordinating arrival and departure

Use our messaging system to arrange the details of your guest’s arrival and departure. Let your guest know if you’ll greet them in person or tell them where they can find your key.


Being available during your guest’s stay


During reservations, be available to help remedy any issues that may arise. If you'll be out of the area, provide your guests with a designated and reliable point of contact.


Writing reviews


Genuine reviews are the cornerstone of Ouda W Dar's trusted community. You have 14 days to write a review and share comments about your experience with your guest. Your guest also has the opportunity to review you and your space, too!



What Are Host Service Fees?

Ouda W Dar charges hosts a 3% host service fee every time a booking is completed on our online platform. This fee covers the cost of processing guest payments and comes out of the host payout. We also charge guests a guest service fee to cover the cost of running the site.


Both guest and host service fees are calculated from the reservation subtotal. The subtotal is the complete price of a reservation before service fees have been added and is calculated from the listing's pricing settings.


Our system can only process whole numbers and will round the fee to the nearest dollar.


You can see the amount of the service fee in your host confirmation by clicking on the reservation code in your Transaction History and when you receive a reservation request by clicking on the link next to the subtotal.


Example: a 4-night reservation at a listing with a nightly rate of $100

Subtotal: (4 X $100) = $400


Payout: $400 - (3% X $400) = $388


$400 - $388 = $12


Host service fee = $12