How It Works

Ouda W Dar is an online community marketplace that connects people looking to rent their homes with people who are looking for accommodations.

Ouda W Dar users include hosts and travelers: hosts list and rent out their unused spaces, and travelers search for and book accommodations.



Ouda W Dar hosts list their properties - which can be single rooms, a suite of rooms, apartments or even a castle. It's free to create a listing, and hosts decide how much to charge per night, per week or per month. Each listing allows hosts to promote properties through titles, descriptions, photographs with captions and a user profile where potential guests can get to know a bit about the hosts.



Travelers (or "guests") search the available database of properties by entering details about when and where they'd like to travel. Travelers can further refine searches by making selections for:

  • Room type - entire place, private room or shared room
  • Price - range from minimum to maximum
  • Size - number of bedrooms, bathrooms and/or beds
  • Amenities - wireless Internet, TV, kitchen, pool, pets, etc.
  • Property type - standard properties such as apartments, houses and bed & breakfasts.



Trusted Services

Ouda W Dar helps make sharing easy, enjoyable, and safe. We verify personal profiles and listings, maintain a smart messaging system so hosts and guests can communicate with certainty, and manage a trusted platform to collect and transfer payments.



Ouda W Dar puts hosts and travelers at ease with features like Verified ID and public reviews. Having a Verified ID indicates that you've completed a specific set of verifications—offline ID, online ID, profile photo, email address, and phone number. Hosts and guests also build trust and cultivate their reputations by writing reviews about their experiences after each trip.



Our messaging system ensures that communication between hosts and guests stays on Ouda W Dar so your contact information remains private until you have a confirmed reservation. For your peace of mind, we've added reporting features so you can easily notify us if you ever feel uncomfortable.

Payment System


Our convenient payment system supports many currencies and several types of payment and payout methods. Ouda W Dar collects guest payments from the moment they make a reservation and waits until 24 hours after arrival before releasing funds to the host. This way, guests and hosts can feel confident knowing that Ouda W Dar will process and deliver payments when a reservation is honored.



What Are The Service Fees?

Service fees are calculated from the reservation subtotal, excluding any security deposit amount. The subtotal is the complete price of the reservation before service fees have been added. If you change your reservation, the service fees adjust according to the new subtotal.


Guest service fee: we add a 10% service fee to guest payments every time a reservation is booked to cover the cost of running our site and services.

We only charge the service fee if your reservation request is accepted by the host. If  you cancel a reservation you booked as a guest, the service fee is non-refundable. If your reservation is canceled by your host and you choose to be refunded, the service fee is refunded.


Host service fee: we deduct a 3% service fee from host payouts every time a reservation is booked at their listing. This covers the cost of processing guest payments.

Our system only processes whole numbers, and all fees are rounded to the nearest whole amount.